Monday Musings

I missed my writing session last night because I was busy gaming and trying to get leveled up for the final two dungeons. I’m about ready to finish the game, though I’m not sure I’ll get to it while I’m still out here on my vacation. But I will get it finished this month at least. However, I will make up for my missed session on Wednesday while I’m flying home.

Tonight I was thinking about how I’ve really not gotten a lot of writing done while I was here, and how I really can’t write when the TV is on in front of me, though I’ve managed to work around that a little by forcing myself to focus on my laptop while I’m doing a chapter edit. But what I really think the issue is, is the huge block that drops into place in my mind when my bestie’s mom comes home. The tension in the air is palpable, which makes it difficult to concentrate on any one thing, and so, no writing gets done. The most writing I actually did was a few nights ago right as I was trying to go to bed. Because it was dark and there was a little girl sleeping in the room with me, I had to type it up on my phone, but I had two pretty genius ideas come to me right before bed.

It shouldn’t surprise me. Most of my best ideas come either before I go to bed or immediately after I wake up. Or in the shower. I get a lot of ideas in the bathroom as well…

Anyway, while I was working today, I had a few thoughts come to me about an older fan-fiction I wrote while I was in college and they actually pull the story together better than the original. I guess not working on it in six years really helped, especially since I’ve been pretty stuck on my own novel. Plus it’s good to try something new just to get the juices flowing in my brain. Hopefully working on fleshing these ideas out will help me figure out how to continue with my novel.


Author: nerdwriter

A self proclaimed nerd, anxiety sufferer, and lover of all things Final Fantasy, Legend of Zelda, Lord of the Rings, and Harry Potter. Enjoys writing, listening to music, reading, and gaming in my spare time. Also hanging out with one or two close friends.

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