More New Friends

Earlier this week, my mom told me she met some girls in the store where she works that are going to this anime convention I really want to go to in February and she told me that when she told them about me wanting to go, these girls asked if I needed a ride and/or wanted to come along with them. Well, my mom initially told them that I was only planning on going the one day (which at the time I was, because my other “friends” hadn’t made any kind of committed statements that indicated to me that they even wanted to go). When she came home and told me all this, I told her I would be ECSTATIC to go with them and spend the weekend at the convention, and would even be willing to split hotel costs with them. Having been to three different conventions previously, I know that the whole weekend brings about a ton of different events and programming and experiences, and I told her the only reason I wasn’t going the whole weekend was because I didn’t think I could afford the tickets AND a hotel room for two nights by myself, since I still haven’t heard any solid info from my friends about whether they’re going or not. (I’ve also put the info on Facebook for them regarding times, registration fees, etc. and I got more responses from other people than the ones I asked to go with me.)

So last night when mom came home from work, she had gotten me the one girl’s name and phone number for me to get in touch with about meeting up and going to this convention together. I sent her a friend request and a message this morning and we’ve been talking on and off all day just in general, like getting to know each other kind of stuff. Her last question to me was about this convention and I sent her two long messages describing my situation and my ideal plans and have yet to hear back from her, but even just the general conversation was pretty easy and she seems super nice. And as it turns out, we have a mutual friend (acquaintance on my part); however, it is the younger brother of “Gia” from the last post. So I’m slightly torn. Do I attempt to make friends with this new girl because she has this love and enthusiasm of things I enjoy and run the risk of encountering Gia’s brother, who may then take some of the things I might say by accident back to her? Or do I ignore her and let another amazing convention slip out of my fingers because I’m too afraid to try something new and not care what other people think?

Right now, I’m perfectly ok with the first option. I missed out on seeing my favorite voice actor two years ago (because we had just gone to our first convention a week before and really didn’t have a lot of funds for that one, so we REALLY didn’t have any for this second one) and I am determined this year not to miss out on three more of my favorites. I even mentioned in my Facebook informational post that I was going regardless of whether anyone else was going with me. I figured if someone else is going with me, not only can we split the costs, but we can also double the entertainment/enjoyment factor (depending on who’s going, of course). Plus, when you’re on a mission to make new friends who are supportive and energize you, it helps to actually attempt to make new friends. So yeah, I’m hoping maybe we can do a meetup sometime before the actual convention, especially since I’ll be traveling the two weeks before the con and I won’t be able to meet then. But I know people are busy and when I get my next response, I’ll bring up the subject of meeting beforehand so I know who to look for in February.


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A self proclaimed nerd, anxiety sufferer, and lover of all things Final Fantasy, Legend of Zelda, Lord of the Rings, and Harry Potter. Enjoys writing, listening to music, reading, and gaming in my spare time. Also hanging out with one or two close friends.

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